Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Digital Natives

Our world is changing - right before our eyes. The digital age is here and the human brain has changed to deal with this new age. Educators need to deal with this change. Our project is one way to possibly meet the needs of Digital Natives who are growing up in the "digital landscape". Special needs or not, our society is moving in a digital direction and we need to step things up for our students. Most of them are familiar with the newest and up to date gaming systems, mobile devices, and home use tablets. Our school now has Bright Link Projectors that allow for interactive learning and allow us to bring media from all around the globe right into our classrooms. We are catching up to where our students are at but I believe we need to get one step ahead of them in order to better facilitate and guide them in their lifelong learning.

Ian Jukes - Understanding The Digital Generation

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