Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Digital Citizen

Welcome to The Digital Citizen blog!

Join us as we share an exciting endeavour that our school has undertaken. Armed with high technology devices (iPads & iPod Touches) we plan on using them to assist special needs students, specifically autistic students. Our focus is to provide these exceptional students with the technology that we believe will support them in meeting their learning needs and facilitate their demonstration of knowledge and skills.  

This initiative would still be a pipe dream if it weren’t for a local company that believes in the importance of giving back to its community. Barrday Corporation, a provider of advanced material solutions, serves the Protective, Composite, and Energy markets as a manufacturer of fiber reinforcements, resins, prepregs, laminates, coatings, adhesives, sealants and core materials ( One of the many ways that Barrday gives back to its community is through their Schools of Excellence program. Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School ( applied for this award and was successful in proposing for a grant towards the technology stated above and materials/equipment to establish a space in the school where special needs students can go to re-energize/re-focus.

Our staff, students, and school community are excited and look forward to using up to date technology that special needs students can use to improve their motivation and learning. From our perspective, we see the use of these devices as an innovative way to reach our exceptional learners as we educate and nurture hope in them to realize their full potential to help transform God’s world.     

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