Thursday, May 8, 2014

My "To the Moon" Moment

I recently read +Jonathan So's blog post about his "To the Moon" story which he reflected on and wrote about because of +Doug Peterson's blog post entitled "To the Moon with Google" - in which Doug showed the following video and then challenged educators to tell their "To the Moon" story - the one that really sticks out as a pivotal point for them. 

I have had several "To the Moon" moments in my career but the one that really sticks happened this school year....and I blogged about it in March. The reason why it really stands out, aside from it being a recent one, is because it was a powerful moment of "moonshot thinking" where my 7 year old student had captivated my attention and that of her classmates with her idea and the thinking process behind it. 

I really believe that it is paramount to dream big and provide my students with opportunities to explore their ideas and feel safe to share them. Google Apps for Education and the use of the Chromebooks in my classroom have helped to facilitate this attitude in my students and build their capacity to think big and express their thoughts/ideas/dreams that one day will be a reality!

What has been your "To the Moon" moment? I would love it if you shared yours!

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  1. Oh I remember seeing your student present about this. Loved it then and love it now. It's amazing what a small spark can do for students. Great story.