Wednesday, January 30, 2013

iProject Reflections

The EA's that work with our Autistic students have been doing a fantastic job on all fronts of this project. As they work with their student each day, they manage the use of the iPad, learn the apps that their student uses, interact with me, and document their thoughts/ideas/concerns in a journal. They are juggling many balls in the air and I am very appreciative of their time, effort, and enthusiasm.

To support them in their documentation of their experience, I provided the EA's with questions that act as prompts for reflection. Here are some of our grade 5 student's EA reflections.

Q: How are you doing with the implementation of apps?
A: I struggle with technology but I believe strongly that all our students need to be on top of technology to fit in the world. I wish I could spend more time learning to better teach my student.

Q: Can you gradually release the student with the iPad or with the apps?
A: The student is independent most of the time when using the iPad. He has one at home.

Q: What are some of the obstacles that your/your student face on a daily basis?
A: The apps cut out every now and again. Some apps don't work without an Internet connection. (NOTE: our school has wifi hot spots but that would mean that the student and EA would need to leave their portable to go to a hot spot. I have been informed that the student does not like to be away from his class/friends. He very much likes to be included.)

Further comments by the EA:

"When the student is on the right app he is engaged with the iPad, but if he doesn't like the app he will refuse to use it. The classroom teacher is awesome at allowing dedicated iPad time. The iPad is an awesome tool that will benefit the student in improving his basic math and reading skills."

Next step: I have invited the EA's to reflect on and summarize their experience over the last few months. I look forward to sharing their experience with you. More importantly, I look forward to working with them and the classroom teachers to set plans/goals for term 2.

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