Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Power of VR and Audio - Part 3

This is the third blog post connected to our experiences using VR and Audio to benefit our learning. You can read the first blog post here and the second one here.

The last time my students were using our VR viewers, the grade 7/8 teacher came in and was in awe of what he was seeing and hearing. He asked if he could use the viewers with his students for a project they were working on. I told him that I would love to let his students try them out - but only on one condition - that I get to visit his class and talk to his students as they use the viewers to augment their learning experience.

I got to visit recently. So much fun to see the students using the viewers as they visited other countries. Here are some photos:

Today I interviewed the grade 8 student that was presenting her project the day I visited. Here is the audio:

I let my students listen to this short interview. They are pleased that the work they are doing inspires others. They want to combine forces with the 7/8's in order to lead them and learn with them. Let's see what Part 4 of this series brings!

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