Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Learning Never Stops

Learning never stops, even when you take the time to just sit back and relax, it just doesn't stop. The bonus to this non stop learning is when you enter into it because you are truly curious/interested about something. Let me take you through what I experienced this morning. Reminds me everyday of the importance of being connected and creating a vast network that can help you grow.

Reading through my Facebook feed this morning I come across this post by +Brian Briggs:

 The comment below, by +Sam Patterson Ed.D. is what got me thinking:

Sam made a comment about empathy and I wanted to learn more. I wanted to know more about his perspective. Fortunately, Sam and I are "friends" on Facebook so I sent him a private message and we got into a great discussion. Here is the start of our discussion:

As our discussion grew, Sam shared his perspective as well as the puppet videos he has created to help his students design with someones needs in mind, assisting them in being empathetic. Here are the videos he shared with me:

Sam has presented on this topic SXSW and CUE. It is a topic that he has experience with and has shared his perspective and process with many people. Our connection this morning has provided me with some things to think about as I consider next steps to help my students become more empathetic when entering into the design process. 

Sam left our conversation by telling me that he would be more than happy to continue chatting about this topic. Sam is part of my professional learning network and I also consider him a friend. The learning never stops, especially in this day and age of being able to connect with almost anyone, at any time, thanks to the internet. 

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