Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Students Leveraging 3D Technology

Shortly before school ended in June, the students and I talked about the personal projects they engaged in over the school year. The personal projects were our version of 20% time/genius hour. They engaged in a variety of projects and used them to learn about new things and practise the skills they learned. 

In the last couple of weeks of school, I encouraged the students to think about what types of personal projects they would like to participate in next school year. We talked about a variety of things and many students showed interest in personal projects that would be a service to others. They took the time to start brainstorming what they might want to engage in next year.

A group of students put a plan together and brought it to me. They wanted to do something that would help cheer up young people who are in the hospital. They wanted to design and 3D print something that the children in the hospital could wear/hold on to for inspiration - a reminder that they were not alone. They created and printed the following:

We ran out of time to write letters and get these to the hospital but I am certain this will be taken care of when the school year starts up again. The students are proud and excited about their idea. I look forward to having them make what they need and continue to leverage the resources they have at hand to make their ideas come to life.

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