Saturday, September 15, 2012

Engaging Students in Writing via iOS Devices and Gaming Part #2

Since my last post, the students and I have continued our work with the 'Bike Baron Journal Entry Activity' by creating our learning goal & success criteria, "How to Write a Journal Entry" anchor chart, and a model/exemplar of a journal entry.

Here is our learning goal and success criteria:

We then moved on to talk about what a good journal entry would include. After a great discussion, we created the following anchor chart:

With a plan of action in place and an idea of what they are going to create, I model how the game is played and how they are to document what happens in the game in order to have information to create their journal entry. Using the document camera, I placed the iPad underneath it and projected my screen onto the whiteboard. The students were 'focussed' on the white board and very interested in what I was about to do. I asked if they wanted to watch me play a level or two without analysis - they agreed that it would be a good idea! As I played they talked to each other about what was happening, laughing at appropriate times, and gasping for air as I crashed.

It was finally time to get back to 'business'. I made sure to have a pen and paper at the ready to jot brief notes as I played (I would either "stop" the bike or crash in order to write notes). Here are some screen shots from the iPad as I played (in order):

 Can you see why my students are so interested and engaged? The graphics are fantastic and the game is so easy to play. The boys and girls appear to be equally excited.
After playing an "official" level, we talked about my notes (a few items were written down) and we created the following model/exemplar that would guide them as an acceptable journal entry:
Based on our "How to Write a Journal Entry" anchor chart I created a graphic organizer that they will use to make their notes/rough work as they play. The next step in this process is for the students to get their hands on the devices and play the game in order to gather information for their journal entries. The students will work in groups of two using either an iPod Touch or an iPad in the next portion of this writing task. 
Stay tuned for a blog post about how the students progress towards their learning goal! 

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  1. This is so awesome! I love the thought behind it. So engaging!