Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's not failure, it's learning: Part #4 - Toontastic Animation

All of the students have completed their Toontastic animations. They were successful in meeting the learning goal that was established. I attempted to post their creations on the Toontastic site but I was not successful. I experienced issues with the 'logistics' of getting their work to post on the Toontastic site. Something happened with the iPad that I had chosen to do this job and I ended up having to reset that iPad. The group that used that particular device to create their animation ended up losing their work. The class did get to watch all the animations before I attempted to post them, so the group that lost their work did get to publish their work and I had the opportunity to see their final product.

Due to the issues I faced with the Toontastic site, I decided to use my camcorder to record their work using our Bright Links projector. In order to ensure that the volume (or lack there of) was not an issue again, I brought in external speakers to project the sound across the room for my students to hear and for me to pick up on the camcorder. Well, I'm sorry to say that volume was an issue again. The only animation that I deem audible is posted here for your enjoyment (turn up your volume!):

Feel free to review where we started, our next steps, and the progress we made in getting to this point.

Your feedback and comments are always welcome.

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  1. I love Toontastic! I just wish I had more than one ipad!