Friday, May 25, 2012

Student Feedback via Livescribe Pencast

I wanted to capture some of the student feedback I have been getting about the work we are doing with the touch technology. Here is a pencast of one of my student's thoughts regarding our work with the iPads/iPod Touch apps:

brought to you by Livescribe

I am happy that this student is enjoying her time with the touch technology devices. I am really happy that she sees the Toontastic app being used during our 'writing' time and that she thinks it can be used to assist students who experience difficulty with writing. This interview was unprompted and there were a few students who wanted to offer feedback but were not able to get away from their work at the time.

Next Steps for me as I move forward:

- become better at interviewing my students/ ask better/more effective questions
- try and use the smartpen more often to collect information about our TLLP project
- continue to connect with students like the one I interviewed as possible peer mentors/teachers to introduce the technology to our Autistic learners in the next phase of our project

I am open to your suggestions about 1) how I could better utilize the smartpen technology (written and audio) capture my students thoughts/ideas, my thoughts and ideas, and anything else that you believe would be relevant.

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