Friday, April 20, 2012

Eportfolios: A Place to Call our Own

I recently read an article entitled 'A Place to Call Our Own: Personal, online learning spaces through eportfolios', as part of the AQ course I am enrolled in. I really enjoyed reading the article because creating an eportfolio has been on my mind as something that I really need to work on. Simply recording what I have accomplished and what I am currently working on doesn't seem to be helpful anymore. I have been taking more digital pictures of my work and student work, spending more time creating lessons/templates for the interactive white board, and recently started experimenting with capturing audio of student thinking. All of these things lend themselves well to the eportfolio format.

One issue I had with the article is that it didn't provide me with or guide me to any links that would demonstrate a decent eportfolio. In my mind, I picture a simple website where I can house my digital pictures/videos/audio/text. I found a site that gives further information regarding efolios. That site led me to some decent examples. I also discovered a website called Wix, it is a site that allows you to build your own website. They have lots of templates for a variety of different purposes. God willing, I will be able to create my own eportfolio sooner rather than later.

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